19 Feb

Etiquette :: A Toasting Tip

The time has come and it is time for your __________ (insert speaker) to speak. You get a little sweaty and your heart beats a bit faster. You are unsure what your boss/friend/best man/mom/step-brother’s dog sitter’s girlfriend is going to say. Be aware of your body language, as I am sure your expression will be captured on film. Sigh of relief, the toast is over. It wasn’t that bad. Guests are toasting their glasses… But wait, don’t clink your glass, as the toast was directed to you. It is like buying your own piece of artwork, clapping at the end of your ballet recital, yelling encore for your drum solo etc. The best way to acknowledge the prost is to smile and hold your glass up as if you were “clinking” an invisible glass. Sounds silly? Of course it does, because everyone loves to clink glasses.

What are your thoughts?


I have this friend who really wants to make a speech, but I dont really like the friend cos he can get a little drunk and a little nuts! Sigh!

April 02, 2012

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