21 Feb

Eating Green :: Green Themed Cakes

I love weddings. I mean, I love weddings and every thing that comes in a wedding celebration. There are a few parts of a wedding celebration that I can not miss, one of which being cake. I love cake. Not as much as I love weddings, but they are pretty close in my book. Luckily, my husband is always my date and I basically get two slices of cake. So, here is my ode to some lovely cakes in various shades of green.


1. Cutesy Cupcakes: These cupcakes are simple and make a fashionable statement. The Kermit mums and orchids are a great addition. If you are worried about the cake cutting tradition, order a smaller cake and use that as your topper. Cupcakes are a modern and cheap alternative to a traditional tiered cake. Look for your local grocery, bakery or cupcake store for more details.

2. Swirly Sensation: A repeated swirl design is done on this four tiered cake.

3. Jolly Green Giant: This giant 4 tiered cake is simple in design but makes a big statement with it demanding size. The cymbidium orchids top this fondant covered cake and the simple black dots replicate a seam.

4. Modernly delicious: In various shades of green and white, the circles are repeated and layered all over the cake. It is beautifully done for the mod bride.

5. Snazzy Slices: This two tier white cake with Italian vanilla butter cream with lime green polka dot design is perfectly coordinated with the cake server. The fresh flowers top this gorgeously green cake.

6. Tropical Flare: Tropical flowers looks like they were painted on this festive fondant cake.

7. Formal and elegant: White fondant with vertical sparkles and sage green bow detail this three tier cake.

8. Simply Green: Butter cream frosting and Swiss dots and green ribbon make this cake a sweet statement.

9. Island Style: This petal shaped cake (scalloped shaped) is perfect for the island celebrations. It is paired with green cymbidium orchids, Swiss dots and a pearl bead border.

10. Strawberries Forever: This cake is enrobed in white chocolate and layered to give an updated striped design. The strawberries are dipped in chocolate for a unique look.

11. Spotlight Lime: Fondant in bright lime just screams for attention. Fondant circles accent this bold cake. Source unknown. If you know the source, please let me know so I can give proper credit. Thank you.


Aren’t these so pretty! And probably very yummy!

April 02, 2012

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