29 Apr

Quiz :: What Kind of Host(ess) Are You?

When I’ve caught up on all my blog reading and don’t have a specific project to work on, sometimes I am unsure what to else to do on the internet. What do I do? I go to the Martha Stewart’s website. I find they have a quiz section. I thought the “What Kind of Hostess Are You?” sounded decent enough. First of all, men can be hosts too! This quiz is pretty simple and the options were quite clear on the Host(ess) persona types. But what can you expect? Without further ado: here I am!


What did you get? Anyone an over the top Martha-bot? May I come to your house and discuss some ideas over some tea and crumpets?


That was fun! Thanks for sharing (and commenting on mine so I could find your blog – can’t wait to read more!).

I’m a thoughtful hostess too…I was worried! lol

Have a great weekend!

May 01, 2009

Thank you for your kind words and responding. You are the only brave Thoughtful Hostess out of 150 guest viewings. :)

May 01, 2009

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