20 May

Wedding Dress Wednesdays :: Portland Designers

Local! Local! Read all about it. Just saying the word “local” in Portland will cause an increase in popularity. Pair it with “eco” or “green” and you have a fad. These Portland wedding dress designers are not a fashion fad, but here to stay.

16 May

Wedding Events :: Green Apple Bridal Shower

Don’t compare Apples to Oranges. This teacher inspired green apple shower is one to please.

13 May

Wedding Dress Wednesday :: Brides and Bridesmaids

Brides and her maids are paired in this week’s collection. Reminder: Maid doesn not = slave. :)

08 May

Update :: Google Reader, Pom Shop and Twitter

Down in the Pom Shop, it’s only way to shop. For da google readers, look what is new!

07 May

Featured Product :: Cake Stands

Need a way to display your delectable delights. Here are eight cake stand options that will make the ugliest of food enticing.