28 Jun

Wedding Details :: Bicycle Love

Living in Portland, a popular mode of transportation is to go by bike. I am also one jumping..err…riding on the proverbial bandwagon and using a bike as my preferred transport.  It doesn’t seem like I am the only one. According to Portland Sugar, we have “more bicycles on the road per capita”. Interesante. In MSN’s article, Portland is listed at as the Number Two bike-friendly city in the world. If you are a bike enthusiast, or just want to have some fabulous wedding pictures or engagement photo session include a bike as a prop or just go for a spin around the block. Be sure to tell your photographer so he/she will bring the proper camera equipment to capture that moment. Here are a few inspirational pictures for your bike viewing enjoyment.


1) Bicycle Built for Two; 2) Float on By 3) Riding Miss Daisy 4) Special Delivery 5) Ride by Your Side 6) Just Married 7) Hitched at the Bike Lot 8) Vegas, Baby

I love the action shots and the boudiour-esqe pose (#6).


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I would probably fall off on the bike if I tried to ride it in a wedding dress. Maybe I would just pose next to it, to avoid the embarressment.

July 06, 2009

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