18 Jun

Updates :: New Service (free!)

Everyone loves a freebie. Let me help inspire your next party.

17 Jun

Wedding Dress Wednesday :: Etsy Wedding Dresses

Get a custom wedding dress for more bang for your buck at Etsy.

13 Jun

Featured Website :: Bakerella

Cake pops, cheesecake, donuts..Oh my! Check out the featured website for dessert inspiration.

11 Jun

Tips & Tricks :: How to Arrange Flowers like a Pro

Ring around the rosey. Pocket full of posies. Now what should I do next? Here are some simple tips on keeping your flowers looking chic and lasting longer.

10 Jun

Wedding Dress Wednesday :: High Necklines

High necklines are not for everybody. Plunging backs and elaborate details are needed for such a formal and sophisticated neckline. Six dresses with high necklines are featured in this week’s collection. Having a budget friendly frock does not mean you have to sacrifice fashion and detail. Enjoy lookingĀ atĀ these gorgeous gowns, as they won’t cost you […]