12 Oct

Local :: Crave Bakeshop

Watch out St Cupcake, there’s a new cupcake shop in town and she is fierce. Crave Bakeshop, the leading gal and bake shop pro, Kyra, met me for a cupcake tasting. Kyra is a Le Cordon Bleu trained pastry chef. Um, hello! However, at the age of 20, she was diagnosed with an auto-immune disorder. Thus, requiring her to alter her diet and remove all processed and wheat containing products. She went through pastry school and decided that her daily temptation was enough. She was determined to offer pastries that were outstanding in taste and quality. No more tasteless, heavy cake and overpriced gluten-free and vegan desserts (cough, Piece of Cake, cough). To support her endeavour, Kyra delivered a set of “shooters”, mini cupcake bites for me to evaluate.

crave bakeshopSitting pretty and ready for trip to my mouth.

crave bakeshop2The makings of a great tasting or crime scene, all those pretty cuppies were destroyed.

crave bakeshop3

Spicy Hot Chocolate: A subtle heat from the chipotle and cinnamon combination in the cake tingled my tongue with happiness. It was topped with a creamy and chocolately butter cream and mini marshmallows. This was one of my favorite flavors! ♥

Chocolate Dipped Strawberry: Classic chocolate cake was topped with mouth-watering triple cream strawberry mascarpone frosting. The strawberry fields forever mascarpone topping drips off the cupcake and into my mouth. ♥

Chocolate Carmel Ecstasy: The ganache topping was exactly how I like my chocolate. Dense and thick. A hidden treasure of caramel peek-a-booed at my while I bit into the rich chocolate cake. ♥

Chocolate Classic: Velvety smooth chocolate butter cream frosting cloaked a moist chocolate base. A classic recipe, perfect for everyday (ha). ♥

crave bakeshop4

Lemon Bar: Hints of almond give arise to this feather-light lemon cake. The airy cream cheese frosting was infused with lemon makes this combination a top contender in our favorite flavors. ♥

Strawberry Cheesecake: The strawberry flavor explodes in your mouth, the frosting has such an intense strawberry infusion. I could dollop spoonful by spoonful into my mouth if allowed access to Kyra’s bakeshop kitchen. ♥

The Princess: Make way for the pretty in pink chocolate version of the princess (usually make of vanilla bean cake). A moist and decadent chocolate cake sits pretty underneath a mini mound of a cream cheese frosting (that actually tastes like cream cheese!).

Cinnamon Roll: Spicy and fragrant, this heavier ambrosial cake dominated my palate. A cupcake classic topped with cream cheese frosting makes a match made in heaven. ♥

crave bakeshop4

Skinny Vanilla Latte: Brûléed meringue whipped topping adds a sugary crisp to the frosting. Hints of coffee seeps through the vanilla cake. Note: Made with fat free milk and fat free marshmallow topping.

Hot Chocolate: Similar to the Spicy Hot Chocolate, this heavenly version was veiled in a toasted meringue frosting on classic chocolate cake.


If cupcakes are not your thing, she does cheesecake, tarts, pastries and the occasional wedding cake. Where else can you find local farmer’s market strawberries infused with mascarpone cheese frosting or scrumptious flavors that will lift you off your feet? Two words. Crave Bakeshop. It’s what you’re craving today.

♥ designates my favorite flavor!


Man, And now I wish I had given you some prettier cupcakes, instead of the homlies you received! Ah well… you know that next time, they’ll look even better! SO glad to meet you and thankful that you enjoyed your gluten-free treats!

October 12, 2009

YUM-O! Do you deliver to NY? haha.

October 13, 2009

Bride to be in aug 2010. Interested in trying your cupcakes and getting some more info. My cousins loves you, she is also one of my bridesmaids

Thanks, Jessica

October 30, 2009
Jessica Franzke

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