28 Oct

Wedding Dress Wednesday:: Vera Wang's Behind the Dress – Amelia

This week’s collection is going to focus on one dress, Amelia, by Vera Wang. Who knew an ice skating outfit worn designed by Vera and worn by Nancy Kerrigan (love!) in 1994 would make such an impact in bridal fashion. Vera’s explosive entrance on the bridal market gave brides an opportunity to express their personality. Vera shares her insight and inspiration for Amelia in her “Behind the Dress” series.


Soft draping across a structured bodice is a challenging formula in design. At Vera Wang, we have sought to master this technique and made it a signature of my wedding dresses.

The ethereal beauty of a fairytale princess inspired this collection. I wanted to capture the concept of weightlessness through light, frothy skirts. By removing the crinolines (stiff petticoats under the skirt), the wedding dresses gain more movement. The result is a nymph-like sensuality that is both romantic and modern.


Two important elements of my design philosophy: weightlessness and draping.

With Amelia, I chose to leave the seam allowance at the back of the draped bodice free, consciously adding more detail to the back. My eye is always searching for subtle ways to draw attention there…

I never add ornamentation just for the sake of it. Like jewelry, the crystal corsage at the hip of the Amelia wedding dress can stand on its own. As it is placed here, the crystals add an organic touch of magic to the dress. As a philosophy, ornamentation on a wedding dress should reflect the nature of the celebration as well as the shape of the dress. When added directly to the wedding dress (as shown here), ornamentation accentuates.

Next week, I will feature another dress by Vera, in addition to our regularly scheduled WDW post about a local designer. Yay local!

(All content is straight from Vera’s mouth)

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hey, did you pay for your blog theme? Mine is pretty plain

January 26, 2010

Tawni from Forever Designs did the design. Hope you are able to work with her, she is fabulous!

January 26, 2010

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