28 Jan

Wedding Details :: Ruffles

Ruffles. How much do I love thee? There are many reasons why I love the ruffled texture. They blur the edges and make everything seem soft and feminine. Ruffles are welcoming like a soft warm blanket that you can just bury your face into the seams. This mood board has a collection of ruffled items, not necessarily that would go fabulous all together, but lovely enough to accent various details of your event.


In the Clutch of Time: Silky and fabulous. Roomy enough to keep all your baubles without toting along heavy luggage. {Murwati; $25}

The Edge of Ruffle: This reasonable cake plate will elevate the cake to a standing ovation. A simple ruffled edge adds class with flirty appeal. {Williams Sonoma; $53}

Fluffy Fleurs: Peonies are naturally ruffled and have layers of soft petals. The Parrot tulip is another flower that replicates the look of layered fabrics. {Brian Adams Photographics}

Flirty Femme: Allow your bridesmaids to look fabulously fresh in a layered look. Choose dresses that will flatter your girls’ figure and wallet. {J Crew; $70}

Bridal Bliss: Beaded lace bodice provides structure and contrast to the free flowing ruffled skirt. {Watters; $1350}

Pretty in Petals: Bedeck the backs of the chairs for added flair. A variety of textures and colors will sure to make your reception incredible. {Chameleon Chairs}

Step by Step: T-strap with sky high 5 inch heel is accented with a feathery flower. {Badgley Mischka; 215}

Layered Cake: White  chocolate layers the sides of the cake, creating a rough edge. The rolled chocolate flakes are bunched together to create a bouquet of ruffles. {Nicky Grant}


Hi! I saw your link on twitter! I also love ruffles. I would wear that dress from J Crew any day.

January 28, 2010

Oooo I ADORE ruffles! Great inspiration!
Misty Damico

January 29, 2010

O la la! This mood board is so pretty. Who doesn’t like ruffles?

January 29, 2010

So pretttty! Cover me in ruffles any day!

February 02, 2010

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September 09, 2010

I absolutely LOVE ruffles. They are so pretty, I mean with lace, satins and sateens, just lovely! thanks for sharing! Always a pleasure stopping by on your blog!

April 02, 2012

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September 14, 2014

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