24 Feb

Wedding Dress Wednesday :: Sheer Straps

This week’s WDW collection features six dresses with a sheer straps. Sheer straps provide the support without having heavy fabrics and thick straps covering up your body’s nicest features, your neck and shoulders. Sheer straps are matched with various silhouettes for a surprisingly fresh twist on the tradional strap.

sheer straps2

Wedding Belle: Voluminous pleated ruffles canopy over the tulle ballgown skirt. The loose diaphanous wrap can be removed for the reception to allow freedom on the dance floor. {Eugenia Couture; $3000+}

Crystal Clear: The ethereal silk chiffon dress glides across the floor. Exquisite beading emphasizes the plunging décolleté. {Jenny Packham; $3000+}

Sheer Beauty: Embroidery and beading pepper the bodice. The intricate details drip to the hip and a glittery brooch cinches the fabric. The sweetheart neckline has an overlay of chiffon to create a halter neckline. {Impression; $750}


Whispy Confection: Vaporous layers of chiffon are gathered at the natural waistline for a pleated skirt. The decorative brooch adds a hard texture in this otherwise soft and whispy gown. {Pronovias; $1700+}

Swept Away: Ruffled sheer sleeves will flutter with the gentlest of breezes making it a perfect destination dress. The shirred bodice distracts the eyes busy from a potential problem area, while the deep cut neckline shows off the bustline. {Dessy; $350}

Streamline Svelte: The sheer lace straps have flourishes of beading that cascasde to the rest of the dress. Swarovski crystals, covered buttons and scalloped hemline are just a few details in this consumate wedding dress. {Mon Cheri; $1000}


I have to say that for the past couple of hours i have been hooked by the impressive posts on this blog. Keep up the wonderful work.

March 26, 2012
Willis Gallinger

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