15 Apr

Guest Blogger :: Katelin from The Bridal Bloggettes

Every once in a while, I sign up for a blog swap. This week, I was paired with Katelin. Welcome Katelin, our bride-to-be! She is going to discuss her process on bridesmaid dresses.

Hi all, I’m Katelin. I write a blog that although is called gorgeous footsteps in the sand… that rarely talks about the sand or feet or footsteps but rather my life adventures, some wedding planning and random Hollywood stories. I got engaged almost a year ago and the big day is coming up on August 28th. So far we’ve checked a lot of things off of our list and I’ve shared a lot my wedding developments on my personal blog as well as on The Bridal Bloggettes. It’s been a great time so far and I can’t wait for it all to come together!

Nationwide Bridal Party

What do you do about dresses when your bridal party isn’t all in the same place? I saw this topic over on a forum at The Knot and I figured I’d bring my answer here instead.

I knew from day one this was going to be an issue for me. Like I mentioned before, I have seven bridesmaids and only three of them are in the same city, let alone state as me. The other four are in Arizona, North Carolina, Ohio and Pennsylvania. On top of being all over the place, all seven ladies have very different body shapes and types. Some are relatively short (under 5′5″) whereas others are like me and over 5′9″. Not only was location and height an issue, but not everyone is super thin or has big boobs so I didn’t think the same dress would look good on everyone.

So my solution? I got navy blue ribbon from Michael’s that was the color I wanted the ladies to wear (looking back now I should have gotten an actual fabric swatch, but hey I was a newbie and didn’t know any better) and sent a piece to each of my bridesmaids. The only guidelines I set were to get a dress that went to the knees and was as close to the navy blue as possible and if need be go darker instead of brighter.

I know it’s sort of crazy because I’ll have no idea what they all look like until they show up for the wedding but I’m not worried and quite frankly I think it’ll be unique. Also, I think this way each girl can get whatever dress she wants (and will hopefully legitimately have use for it again someday) and determine their own budget and feel comfortable and happy at the wedding. Yes, I know it’s “my day” so to speak, but that doesn’t mean that everyone else deserves to look and feel good as well.

And so far to date, four dresses have been purchased and I’ve loved all of them and I can’t wait to see what the rest of my bridal party will look like.

Is your bridal party all over the place as well? What was your solution?

{excerpt from The Bridal Bloggettes}

Thanks for sharing Katelin!

{Matt + Katelin}


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