21 Sep

Local :: Kim + Phil Photography

Kim + Phil Photography are the new kids on the block. This energetic duo traded their hectic LA life for the grass is always greener* PDX (*no harsh toxic chemicals are used in our grass and we receive a bajillon months of rain, thus, our grass will literally always be greener). Their lens captures the […]

10 Sep

Celebrations :: Pinkalicious Baby Shower

Kari is hosting an intimate baby shower for her beloved friend Jami. Jami’s first born was a boy, so the fanciful frills and pink bows were not included in her first baby fete. Since the shower is limited to Jami’s nearest and dearest, Kari wants to give her the most girlish and pinkest shower possible. […]

12 Aug

Wedding Dress Wednesday :: Lena Medoyeff

Lena Medoyeff, a local wedding dress designer focuses on simple silhouettes using trade free silk from India.

20 May

Wedding Dress Wednesdays :: Portland Designers

Local! Local! Read all about it. Just saying the word “local” in Portland will cause an increase in popularity. Pair it with “eco” or “green” and you have a fad. These Portland wedding dress designers are not a fashion fad, but here to stay.