15 Apr

Guest Blogger :: Katelin from The Bridal Bloggettes

Every once in a while, I sign up for a blog swap. This week, I was paired with Katelin. Welcome Katelin, our bride-to-be! She is going to discuss her process on bridesmaid dresses. Hi all, I’m Katelin. I write a blog that although is called gorgeous footsteps in the sand… that rarely talks about the […]

28 Jan

Wedding Details :: Ruffles

Ruffles. How much do I love thee? There are many reasons why I love the ruffled texture. They blur the edges and make everything seem soft and feminine. Ruffles are welcoming like a soft warm blanket that you can just bury your face into the seams. This mood board has a collection of ruffled items, […]

17 Dec

Bridal Party :: Vera Wang Bridesmaid Spring 2010

Vera Wang’s Bridesmaid Spring Collection is out for viewing. Breezy and airy chiffon and tissue organza float over the body and make your girls look slim and fabulous.  If your budget allows to help with the cost of the dress, by all means, treat your girls to a decadent dress that she will definitely wear […]

06 Oct

Wedding Details :: Bridesmaid Gifts

Show your bridesmaids how much you appreciate them. Here are a few to get you started.

13 May

Wedding Dress Wednesday :: Brides and Bridesmaids

Brides and her maids are paired in this week’s collection. Reminder: Maid doesn not = slave. :)