15 Apr

Guest Blogger :: Katelin from The Bridal Bloggettes

Every once in a while, I sign up for a blog swap. This week, I was paired with Katelin. Welcome Katelin, our bride-to-be! She is going to discuss her process on bridesmaid dresses. Hi all, I’m Katelin. I write a blog that although is called gorgeous footsteps in the sand… that rarely talks about the […]

31 Mar

Wedding Dress Wednesday :: Black and White

When some think of the color black, the first thought is “funeral”, or “somber”. For me, I think of “classy”, “fashionable” or “timeless”. In Spanish tradition, brides wore black to physically portray their dying devotion of “til death due us part” in their vows. I never thought of incorporating black into my wedding ensemble, but […]

17 Feb

Wedding Dress Wednesday :: Cotton

This week’s collection of fanciful frocks share a common material. Cotton. Natural, pure, and comfortable cotton. Cotton is often seen as a casual fabric, but with with the right cut and embellishments it can be a dress fit for a queen. As the saying goes, cotton is the fabric of our lives. Why not wear […]

27 Jan

My Wedding :: The Path To My Dress(es)

I’ve decided to start a series about my own wedding. Kevin + Alysia for eva. ha. I promise there will be no sappy interludes or circumlocutory commentary (well, at least I will try).  Since I failed to do a recap (as previously planned in my head) for our wedding anniversary (December 30th), I will feature […]

10 Jun

Wedding Dress Wednesday :: High Necklines

High necklines are not for everybody. Plunging backs and elaborate details are needed for such a formal and sophisticated neckline. Six dresses with high necklines are featured in this week’s collection. Having a budget friendly frock does not mean you have to sacrifice fashion and detail. Enjoy looking at these gorgeous gowns, as they won’t cost you […]