24 Feb

Wedding Dress Wednesday :: Sheer Straps

This week’s WDW collection features six dresses with a sheer straps. Sheer straps provide the support without having heavy fabrics and thick straps covering up your body’s nicest features, your neck and shoulders. Sheer straps are matched with various silhouettes for a surprisingly fresh twist on the tradional strap. Wedding Belle: Voluminous pleated ruffles canopy over the […]

10 Feb

Wedding Dress Wednesday :: A Novel Romance Fashion Show Part Deux

This week’s WDW is a continuation of the frothy concoctions that floated down the runaway during the English Department’s Novel Romance Fashion Show. Elizabeth’s attention to detail makes her dresses truly one of a kind. Detailed bodices and embellishments enchant onlookers. Feminine silhouettes create an alluring outlines and  accentuates the body’s natural curves. With prices […]

18 Nov

Wedding Dress Wednesday :: Spaghetti Straps

Strapless seems to be all the rage. But if a strapless dress is not for you, try a spaghetti strap. In general, straps help show off a little décolletage while being mindful of the girls. In this week’s Wedding Dress Wednesday collection, I found six dresses with uber thin straps that meet fashionable form and […]

11 Nov

Wedding Dress Wednesday :: Feathers

It takes a bold person to wear feathers on their wedding day. Feathers are often shunned and categorized as tacky or is placed in the costume accessories department. If overdone, yes, they can over the top. However, is this week’s collection, the designers use feathers and take on an airy new approach and create dramatic […]

07 Oct

Wedding Dress Wednesday :: Glittery and Bright frame

Glitter, glitz and glam are this week’s theme.