18 Dec

Featured :: Portland Picks

Every Friday, an eclectic group of local businesses and chic events are featured in an email newsletter, compiled by the fabulous gals at Portland Picks. Prost to the Host was included in this week’s list. Grin. A prost to Portland Picks for your warm support! Check it out! Share on Facebook

01 Dec

Featured :: Facebook

So I noticed one of my friends on Facebook joined a group called “If 1,170,000 People Join, My Girlfriend Will Marry Me“. Sounds interesting. Long story short, girl said no (twice!), unless 1.17 million people join a Facebook group. I joined hoping it is not a gag and Caroline will truly married this hopeless romantic.  […]

27 Oct

Featured :: Creative Party

Creative Party Place featured the zebra, lime and hot pink baby shower. Graci!

09 Oct

Featured :: Overexposed

Tissue poms make for a lovely backdrop. See how 150 poms

01 Oct

Featured Website :: Utterly Engaged

Utterly engaged? Check out a new zine on the block.