28 Jan

Wedding Details :: Ruffles

Ruffles. How much do I love thee? There are many reasons why I love the ruffled texture. They blur the edges and make everything seem soft and feminine. Ruffles are welcoming like a soft warm blanket that you can just bury your face into the seams. This mood board has a collection of ruffled items, […]

11 Jun

Tips & Tricks :: How to Arrange Flowers like a Pro

Ring around the rosey. Pocket full of posies. Now what should I do next? Here are some simple tips on keeping your flowers looking chic and lasting longer.

03 Jun

Wedding Dress Wednesday :: Garden Party

Summer is justĀ around theĀ corner (fingers crossed!), which means outdoor weddings are a plenty. Feast your eyes on these delicious frocks that have flower embellishments. It is perfect match for a garden fete under the sun. 1) Bed of Roses: This demure gown is made of Chantilly lace and embroidered tulle. The mermaid silhouette features a […]

22 May

DIY Projects :: Reworking the Generic and Old

Carnations, doilies and tissue paper have a bad rep for being overused and cheap. Here are nine fresh ways to rework and give new life to these items.

06 Apr

Real Wedding :: Jess and John – Part 2 of 2

Hello! How are you doing? While on the island, it was an unspoken rule on the island that you must greet everyone before starting a conversation. I absolutely loved this! If only somehow I could bring this back to the mainland. Haha! Anyway, onto the details! 1) Design wise, my main focus was on the […]