24 Feb

Wedding Dress Wednesday :: Sheer Straps

This week’s WDW collection features six dresses with a sheer straps. Sheer straps provide the support without having heavy fabrics and thick straps covering up your body’s nicest features, your neck and shoulders. Sheer straps are matched with various silhouettes for a surprisingly fresh twist on the tradional strap. Wedding Belle: Voluminous pleated ruffles canopy over the […]

17 Feb

Wedding Dress Wednesday :: Cotton

This week’s collection of fanciful frocks share a common material. Cotton. Natural, pure, and comfortable cotton. Cotton is often seen as a casual fabric, but with with the right cut and embellishments it can be a dress fit for a queen. As the saying goes, cotton is the fabric of our lives. Why not wear […]

30 Dec

Wedding Dress Wednesday :: Shimmery Fabrics

The new year is just around the corner. Planning your wedding around a specific holiday can be a unique way to showcase your style and personality.  It also allows your guests to take off less vacation days. Wee! This weeks’ collection feature six dresses that have shimmery fabrics that resemble metallic tones, perfect for a […]

14 Oct

Wedding Dress Wednesday :: Retro Inspiration

As you can see, dresses that are inspired from timeless beauty are still relevant and popular almost 50 years later. Glorious gowns with impudent neck and hemlines are created to make a sensational and timeless dress. Find one that fits your style today.

26 Aug

Wedding Dress Wednesday :: Frothy Frocks

Tulle tulle everywhere and not a spool to wear.