24 Feb

Wedding Dress Wednesday :: Sheer Straps

This week’s WDW collection features six dresses with a sheer straps. Sheer straps¬†provide the support without having heavy fabrics and thick straps covering up your body’s nicest features, your neck and shoulders. Sheer straps are matched with various silhouettes for a surprisingly fresh twist on the tradional¬†strap. Wedding Belle: Voluminous pleated ruffles canopy over the […]

23 Sep

Wedding Dress Wednesday :: Greek Inspired Gowns

Goddess inspired dresses for a love from another world.

02 Sep

Wedding Dress Wednesday :: Getting Short

This week’s collection is a second glance at short dresses. If you missed the first posting, here it is. Even as the economy is slowing turning around, brides are still opting for smaller and simpler weddings. Going to the courthouse for a Justice of Peace ceremony and simple restaurant reception is showing you’re financially aware […]

19 Aug

Wedding Dress Wednesday :: Bows

Bows, bows everywhere and not a strand to tie.

17 Jun

Wedding Dress Wednesday :: Etsy Wedding Dresses

Get a custom wedding dress for more bang for your buck at Etsy.