24 Feb

Wedding Dress Wednesday :: Sheer Straps

This week’s WDW collection features six dresses with a sheer straps. Sheer straps provide the support without having heavy fabrics and thick straps covering up your body’s nicest features, your neck and shoulders. Sheer straps are matched with various silhouettes for a surprisingly fresh twist on the tradional strap. Wedding Belle: Voluminous pleated ruffles canopy over the […]

03 Feb

Wedding Dress Wednesday :: A Novel Romance Fashion Show

The English Department‘s 2010 Bridal Fashion Show was filled with a flurry of frocks from designers like Jenny Yoo, Simple Silhouettes, Thread, Alix and Kelly and our own, Elizabeth Dye. Please enjoy the sampling from Sunday’s fashion show. Tiptoe through the Tulips: Ruching defines the bodice without overplaying the layers.  Slight flare in the skirt […]

13 Jan

Wedding Dress Wednesday :: Runway to Rack

Last Spring (yes, 2009), designers debuted their Spring 2010 lines. Now that spring is almost upon us, it seems more relevant. Most of the dresses from the runaway never make it to the rack. Why is that? Depending on the reaction from the reviews, availability of the fabric and the mood of the designer or […]

23 Sep

Wedding Dress Wednesday :: Greek Inspired Gowns

Goddess inspired dresses for a love from another world.

03 Jun

Wedding Dress Wednesday :: Garden Party

Summer is just around the corner (fingers crossed!), which means outdoor weddings are a plenty. Feast your eyes on these delicious frocks that have flower embellishments. It is perfect match for a garden fete under the sun. 1) Bed of Roses: This demure gown is made of Chantilly lace and embroidered tulle. The mermaid silhouette features a […]