15 Jan

Celebrations :: First Birthday :: Korean Baek-il

Everett is 365 days old. Did the year really fly by? Even with those endless nights, and late night feedings, my little guy is finally one. At least, with the frequent visits to the baby’s room, I had plenty of time to ponder all the details. Did I mention, he didn’t start sleeping through the night until a few days before his party? Good thing, since his dad and I were gluing beans in the same of a Tiger, on his dol towers the night prior.

I love to have a party for any reason, so having a huge party for my little treasure was easy to do. I mean really, this party is for me. We all survived. I was just embracing my Korean heritage and love for traditions to the fullest. The husband said to keep the party small. Small in Korean means less than 100. Phew, our guest list got the green light.

Having it at the community center was a great idea for several reasons. It was cheap, had ample space, and they didn’t care what we did (as long as we cleaned it up). The extra $40 cleaning fee was well-worth it.


  • DIY Blazer Dog and Nacho Bar
  • Sweet Treats: Caramel popcorn and buttered popcorn, Custom Thank-You Sugar Cookies, Gluten-free cupcakes, Blazer t-shirt sheet cake, cake pops, fruit suckers and various candies.
  • Organic Fruit/Veggie Pouches  and Mum-Mums for the littles

Here are some pictures from the Photobooth (Courtesy of Michelle from Happymatic) and a few details from the Blazer-themed Bash:


For the Doljabi: The baby is placed in front of common objects and whatever the baby chooses, it istheir “destiny”. Everett chose the ball. Twice.

IMG_4974 IMG_5570

His traditional hanbok was purchased off of Ebay.

I could not find a hanbok store in Portland. Imagine that.

IMG_4973 IMAG0935

Smash Cake //Sheet Cake

IMG_4970 IMAG0936

Custom Homemade Sugar Cookies // Sweets Display

  IMG_5728 IMG_5793

 Happy boy // I would be too, if I had a giant cake all to myself.


My sweet boys


The end of the party, just before 20+ babies started to meltdown.

How to Cut Costs for a Party and Other Helpful Tips

  1. Cut costs on a custom cake – order a plainly decorated cake from your favorite bakery and add your own decorations. We choose fondant.
  2. Plan ahead. That way, you can truly DIY. As we get closer to the event, it is just easier to buy something pre-made.
  3. Check out your local craft surplus stores. Luckily in Portland, we have places like SCRAP
  4. Utilize the community centers. They often have built in entertainment and equipment with the rental fee.
  5. Depending on the time of the party, you could get away with just snacks and cake. If the party falls around meal time, please be a nice host/hostess and offer substantial food, or clearly state in the invitation you will only have cake and juice, so your guests can prepare.
  6. Ask family and friends for help! Does your Aunt like to sew? Or your sister enjoy cooking? Thanks to Mara for making 800 cake pops!!

I highly recommend all my vendors:

Custom Invitations and Dol Memory Board: Lori Lang Designs (designed it) – Printed at Office Max // Doljabi Items: Hand crocheted by Breanne from Bowrene // Cake Toppers and Decorations – Clineff’s Confections (cupcake toppers) and Pastry Chef by Jodi (Blazer logos) // Cupcakes and Smash Cake – Kyra’s Bakeshop (Gluten Free Banana Crème) Yummy! // Table Decorations and Photobooth Backdrop – Me // Photobooth – Michelle from Happy-Matic (amazing!) //Blazer Dogs – Zenner’s Sausage // Venue: East Portland Community Center Gym (we rented out half of it) // Favors: Red Kickballs – Ebay // Ruffled Tablecloth – Me // Happy Birthday, Everett Banner – Modern Cabin


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