27 Dec

Tips & Tricks :: Dress Donation

The year is almost over and for some that means several things: 1) New Year’s resolutions or 2) Taxes. For me, it means tax times. Bleh. Either way, either thought does not have a positive connotation. Is your wedding dress is crumpled at the bottom of your closet? Are you wanting to something with it, but not […]

05 Oct

Tips & Tricks :: How to Host A Wine Tasting

Unlike hosting a dinner party or planning a bridal shower, a wine tasting event requires hardly any planning. With a wine tasting, you can spend less time prepping for the event and spend more time enjoying your guests. This is a stress free way to host. It also gives a great excuse ends to test their palette. Now […]

03 Aug

Tips & Tricks :: Pottery Barn

Pottery Barn has it all. Now, they have a party planner to help you plan your next PB party.

11 Jun

Tips & Tricks :: How to Arrange Flowers like a Pro

Ring around the rosey. Pocket full of posies. Now what should I do next? Here are some simple tips on keeping your flowers looking chic and lasting longer.

11 Apr

Tissue Poms :: For Sale

Tissue poms, puffs, flowers, whatever you cal it. I sell it. http://www.prosttothehost.etsy.com